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killerpilze fans on LJ

Killerpilze Fans on LiveJournal
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A community for fans of the German band Killerpilze

Killerpilze - German for Killer Mushrooms - is a punk rock band made up of brothers Johannes "Jo" Halbig (lead vocals, rhythm guitar, piano) and Fabian "Fabi" Halbig (drums) and their friend Maximilian "Mäx" Schlichter (lead guitar and vocals).

Community Rules:

  • Membership is open to anyone, but we reserve the right to remove and ban anyone who starts trouble in the community.
  • Please speak in English. Membership is international, and at the moment English is our only common language.
  • Please do not post links to illegal downloads of the band's songs. Posts with illegal download links will be deleted.
  • Please be sure to use an LJ cut when posting pictures or long posts.
  • This is a Killerpilze Community so please keep the posts relevant to the band. Comments are free for all but the posts themselves must have something to do with Killerpilze.
  • If you are the original poster, DO NOT delete comments in your posts just because you do not agree with them. If you have an issue with comments in a post you make, contact one of the moderators and we will handle the situation.
  • No disabling comments on posts, even if you're just linking to another journal or another website.
  • At this time we are going to allow fanworks (fan art, icons, banners, fanfic), however if your story or artwork is a higher rating than PG-13, we ask that you please just link to the work rather than posting it in the com. Please be sure to label your post with appropriate information and warnings, and always use an LJ cut when posting fic or images.
  • No flaming. No wanking. Danke.

Rules are subject to change if needed. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact one of the moderators - lirren or sarahsan. We don't bite...hard.

Official Killerpilze Page
Official Killerpilze MySpace
Official YouTube Channel

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