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Killerpilze Gewinnspiel!

I was alerted by the KipInsider twitter feed, but there's a contest going on centered around Fabi's new movie, Vorstadtkrokodile. As far as I can understand, you are to write a poem or very short story about how you're similar to the Vorstadtkrokodile in the movie...?

They say they don't want much, just a few lines, so that kills all the epic stories I know you were all planning on writing. :P If you guys are members of killerpilze.de, that's where this is at, so unfortunately I don't think I can just link you to the thing and let you all peruse the entry there. I'm too lazy to go through and change my online translation into proper English, but here is the bare bones of it.

The deadline is April 17, 2009, if you're interested in submitting something! Also, if someone comes up with a better explanation of what, exactly, this thing is, that'd be pretty boss! Viel Glück, haha.

we all know you're bonking the bonk

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I was given the heads up from Jo via Twitter -

Here is Fabi, talking about his movie, Vorstadtkrokodile! Mäx makes a cameo appearance for like two seconds, giving Fabi a manhug. If that link doesn't work, the original page is here.

I don't have time right this minute to give you guys a halfway decent translation, but if someone wants to hijack that and put down their own somewhere, be my guest. Until then...enjoy Fabi's voice. x3

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we all know you're bonking the bonk

Interview with Fabi

Over on killerpilze.de, they have an interview that the fanclub did with Fabi and I decided I'd translate it. :) There are some words I wasn't sure about, and they're marked with a question mark, but other than that, I think I did the translation justice. Supposedly there are more parts; last night when I translated it, I thought I could view all the parts, but now I can't access the other two (although they do say they're, uh, 'cooming' soon! xD)


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Does anyone want me to translate any of the other interviews on there? Or are there already workable translations?

New Message from the KiPi's

I didn't see this posted. It's a bulletin from Killerpilze's MySpace:

Tuesday, January 27, 2009 


Liebe Fans.
Wir hoffen, euch geht es allen gut und ihr vermisst uns schon ein wenig.:D
Wie ihr wisst, arbeiten wir mit Hochdruck an der neuen Platte und haben wöchentlich tolle neue Songs auf unseren Laptops. Aber auch nur da.;-) Wer mehr wissen will checkt einfach twitter.com/kpinsider oder killerpilzeforum.de

Außerdem haben wir jetzt brandneu hier auf unserem Myspace einen Chat eingerichtet, den ihr ganz einfach ohne Anmeldung und Stress nutzen könnt, um euch dauernd mit anderen Fans auszutauschen. Erzählt das weiter und habt Spaß. Einfach auf der rechten Seite schauen.

Zu guter Letzt möchten wir euch auf unsere tolle neue Fanseite killerpilzefans.de schicken.
Hier sind bald so gut wie alle Sprachen am Start und ihr könnt euch in die Community eingliedern.

Viel Spaß beim Chatten, lesen und warten!;-)
Wir melden uns.


Dear fans,
we hope you're fine and you're missing us a little bit already.:D
as you know, were working very hard on our new album and we're getting new songs on our laptops weekly. but only on our laptops!;-)
who wants to know more should check out twitter.com/kpinsider

furthermore we got a brandnew chat here on our myspace site you can use without any registration and stress. use it to communicate with all the other fans. totally easy and you can be sure it's a lot of fun. spread the word and rock the chat. it..s on the right hand side of our account.

lastly we want to inform you about our nice new fanclubsite killerpilzefans.de. there are almost all languages for our international fans available. more soon to come. sign up for the community.

have fun!
see you soon.

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Icon Tuesday

No requests last week, so here are five original icons. As always, anybody who's made or found any good KiPi icons in the past week can post them in comments. In addition, if anyone has an icon request, leave the source photo and icon specifications in a comment to this post. The first five requests I receive, I'll make for next week's Icon Tuesday.

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