Fitz (naruke_chan) wrote in killermushrooms,

Killerpilze Gewinnspiel!

I was alerted by the KipInsider twitter feed, but there's a contest going on centered around Fabi's new movie, Vorstadtkrokodile. As far as I can understand, you are to write a poem or very short story about how you're similar to the Vorstadtkrokodile in the movie...?

They say they don't want much, just a few lines, so that kills all the epic stories I know you were all planning on writing. :P If you guys are members of, that's where this is at, so unfortunately I don't think I can just link you to the thing and let you all peruse the entry there. I'm too lazy to go through and change my online translation into proper English, but here is the bare bones of it.

The deadline is April 17, 2009, if you're interested in submitting something! Also, if someone comes up with a better explanation of what, exactly, this thing is, that'd be pretty boss! Viel Glück, haha.

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