Lirren (lirren) wrote in killermushrooms,

International Killerpilze Day - July 13th

Ok, you guys, in order to show the KiPi boys our support, July 13th has been designated International Killerpilze Day! Now, for those of us in the US, I know we're pretty spread out and it might be kind of tough for us to all actually get together for a day. So I'd like to propose this:

If you can get out on the 13th of July, go have a picture taken of yourself (and any KiPi fans you can drag with you) near some sort of regional landmark or even just a road sign that shows what city you're in. We can then submit the pictures to the person who runs KillerpilzeUS to be forwarded on to the French group running the fanaction.

And this goes for anyone who isn't in an area where a big gathering is being organized (like France or the UK) or for those who just can't attend the big gatherings. The more pictures we get, the better. Let's show the guys how much we love them and let them know we're standing behind them!
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