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Charity auction to help raise money for the victims of the recent earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand.

If you're seeing this, I've probably written in your fandom before and would be more than willing to try to fill your fanfic'y desires in exchange for your support.

You can find my auction post here.

But there is much more than fanfiction in this auction! Check out the community to see it all! help_nz Auctions end tomorrow at midnight EST!

So sorry if this is against any rules. Feel free to delete.
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German Music Big Bang!

We are proud to announce that the
German Music Big Bang Archive
is live :) Thank you to all the authors and artists who have submitted their work to this round of the fest. To read the NC17 fic you will need to create yourself an account, but this is very easy and is explained on the archive itself. Please consider leaving feedback for all the artists and authors who have worked really hard to bring you their creations.
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German Music Big Bang pimp post

Sorry for my lateness in getting this post made, but signups for the German Music Big Bang Challenge are still open until July 12.

The German Music Big Bang Challenge
To produce lots of long fic and pair it with some lovely art.

Please come and join in.

There are multiple levels of word-length commitment starting at a minimum of 15,000 words, and both artists and writers are welcome. Not a writer or an artist, but good at waving your pompons? Head on over to dmusikbb_cheers and become a cheerleader to encourage our authors and artists in their long and arduous quests!
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International Killerpilze Day - July 13th

Ok, you guys, in order to show the KiPi boys our support, July 13th has been designated International Killerpilze Day! Now, for those of us in the US, I know we're pretty spread out and it might be kind of tough for us to all actually get together for a day. So I'd like to propose this:

If you can get out on the 13th of July, go have a picture taken of yourself (and any KiPi fans you can drag with you) near some sort of regional landmark or even just a road sign that shows what city you're in. We can then submit the pictures to the person who runs KillerpilzeUS to be forwarded on to the French group running the fanaction.

And this goes for anyone who isn't in an area where a big gathering is being organized (like France or the UK) or for those who just can't attend the big gatherings. The more pictures we get, the better. Let's show the guys how much we love them and let them know we're standing behind them!
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No more KiPi?

Via an email from the KillerpilzeUS forums -

We have received news from the official Killerpilze French support that Killerpilze’s contract with Universal has been broken. Please read the following that they have asked up to spread!

“As you know, KP no longer has a contract with Universal Records. After the shock announcement of the past, some members of the french forum have decided to give their support to the group by organizing a big European or international fanaction (the group of fans in North America)!
Here are the ideas that have sprouted:
* A gathering of fans in major European cities
* A video editing.
* A book (that can be given at the Kill Kill Kill Tour).
* Download Day.
We will begin by gaining contact with all the fanclub forums on the Killerpilze for them to propose our project! And so this has more impact, we want to speak to the media as much as possible! The group should know they have a huge fanbase behind them! In the future, maybe it will convince a label to sign them if we are consistent with our actions!
Please re-post this message on your blogs, Facebooks and Twitters with a link to the blog! Do not do this for us but for Killerpilze! They are going through are hard time right now, so let’s go and make it better!

Blog support : http://support-killerpilze.skyrock.com/”

More Killerpilze French Fanclub Links:


For more updates and such please follow us at:

I'm heartbroken.
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Fic: MMOM09 - The Good Stuff, KiPi RPS, Fabi/Mäx(one sided), NC17/18

Title: MMOM09 - The Good Stuff
Author: Beren
Fandom: Killerpilze
Pairing: Fabi/Mäx (one sided)
Rating: NC17/18
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, the real people in it are used without their permission and I definitely don't own them or have any copyright to any part of any of them. I do not believe any of this happened, is likely to happen or should happen it is simply a story created around known facts about those involved.
Warnings: explicit sexual situations
Summary: Fabi is confused and having trouble sleeping, and when he catches Mäx in the act, he's even more confused.
Author's Notes: Thanks to Soph for the beta.
Word count: 2,395
Link: MMOM09 - The Good Stuff
Panik: Frank: Beanie

Fic: Doors and Walls

Title: Doors and Walls
Author: theskyturnsred
Pairing(s): Jo/Mäx
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I don't know any of the characters involved and I'm not associated with them in any way shape or form. Not harm is meant by this story.
Warnings: Slash. Masturbation. Voyeurism.
Summary: Fabi has a plan to ensure that he never has to see his brother jerking off again.
Author's notes: This was originally an idea for an MMOM fic, but the idea of me actually participating in anything that requires so many stories is pretty laughable. So I'll leave that to the pros. ;) Also, I had kind of a 'bandhouse' idea going for this fic. The three of them all live together, even though I'm aware that's not reality. Also, a big huge enormous thank you to sarahsan for the inspiration and guidance and beta.

( This LJ-Cut is totally fake and links to my journal. )
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